2009 Class Notes and Resources (formally this page in the class wiki)

2014 CRAAP Testing the English Civil War

2014 English Civil War Projects


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Minority Groups
Jen- Diggers:They planted on Common Lands or One of the most radical groups in mid-1600's England

Isaac - Long Parliament
Anthony - The Roundheads
Emily S - The Roundheads
Christina - English Parliament

Richard- Can't Pay Won't Pay
Alisha- The Archbishop, The Earl and The "Not-So Divine"

James VI and I
Louise- James VI and I and Witchcraft
Galen- King James I
Albert - Jim the First
Katie - James I

Charles I
Jonathan- How to be a Good Dictator
Toren- How to be a Proper Tyrant
Conrad - Charles I & English Civil War
Marie - The Trial of the King
Julie-The End to Charles I
Emlyn- Trials of Treason
Aman- Charles I
Sepehr- Charles' end

Court of Star Chamber-Michelle
Macguire - Court of Star Chamber again
Cassidy* - The Chamber Of Secrets

Oliver Cromwell
Justann- Oliver Cromwell During the English Civil War
Iris- Anti-Monarchy Dictator
Sam-Oliver Cromwell and Richard Cromwell
Jess - Waterboarding and Cromwell
Clayton- A Brief Timeline of Oliver Cromwell
Jen S- The Circle Of Oliver Cromwell
Megan- Does Absolute Power Corrupt Absolutely?
Emily V - Oliver Cromwell vs the Operative
Vince R - data entry tests

Divine Rights of the Kings
Hayley-The Power of Power
Julianna - James I & The Divine Right of Kings
Daniel - Power and Self Gain

Leanne- Witchcraft
Jeff - Tactics Used During the War