2014 French Revolution Role-Play

Liberty, Egality, Fraternity - Exploring the French Revolution in Primary Documents

French Revolution Digital Archive - Stanford University & the Bibliotheque Nationale de France (BnF)

2011 Unit Plan

TALONS Learners will be expected to produce the following:

  • One introductory blog post describes their role in 17th century French society, makes predictions about what might be in store for them, and connects ideas from the period to our modern society.
  • Two additional blog posts (written in character) reflecting upon, analyzing, predicting, and reacting to events discussed and presented in class.
  • Creatively present one of the events in the French Revolution Timeline – in character if possible.
  • Co-facilitate a class discussion of your quad’s Timeline Event on the day following your creative presentation.
  • Add a visual representation of your quad’s piece of the French Revolution Timeline to the TALONS Socials Mind Map and how to pronounce French words.
  • In character, leave at least three 100 word (minimum) comments on your classmates’ blogs.

Blog Post CriteriaQuad ResponsibilitiesUnit Schedule
Daily BaguetteThe Storming of the Bastille The King is DeadThe Reign of Terror
Ever since my return to Paris...