“I hope that I shall always possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider to be the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.” - George Washington
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"As for big brother America, perhaps its youthful years are coming to an end. Perhaps the jewels and sparkles adorning its high throne is falling apart, bit by bit."
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"I realized that, despite my love of history and social studies, I cannot relate to any information involving war. It’s funny how a war seems to be the only way to revolt, create change, and progress in the world."
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"If one nation possesses something that another wants or needs, and the second nation is powerful enough, or influential enough, then they will either exploit or conquer the country in order to obtain what they want. "
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"The Boston Tea Party. Presumably you know the basics of this – the British brought in a new tax on tea, and some Americans broke onto the ships and threw boxes of tea overboard. But why were they angry? Because it ran out the smugglers."
"Does having some selfish motives vilify the results of their actions? Probably not. But it certainly raises a few eyebrows at the American ’patriots’."
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"...the Founding Fathers proved that it is the ones with the most heart and will to take risks, that tend to come out on top.'
'People tend to be so caught up in their own ideas as “right and wrong”, that many never see the big picture, and what it really means to be a country."
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"We are powerful enough to be free. We are brave enough to be free. We are ready to be free."
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"The American Revolution is a very prominent example of the recipe for disaster. It is full of unsavory ingredients like a lack of communication, dishonestly, a healthy helping of greed following with a generous dose of violence and punishment...Add the numbered ingredients in this precise order in the mixing bowl of a young country trying to sever ties with its patronizing mother country. Stir aggressively for 20 years without stopping to ensure at least 36,000 deaths, pop it in the pre heated oven of conflict and there you have it."
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'In Any Conflict, There Are 3 Sides…One opinion, the opposing opinion, and the truth.'
'Sometimes, revolutions have to happen. Screaming angry mobs? Do not.'
'The Founding Father’s might not really have been the great wonderful people history textbooks make them out to be. They most likely aren’t–time has a way of exaggerating things past the point of being human. Even so, the things they did do count as great.

You know, mostly.'
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