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British Columbia Ministry of Education Prescribed Learning Outcome

Students will be evaluated in their contributions to the class' learning, and the representations and reflections on their own learning with an emphasis on the following criteria:
  • Developing Questions: Students will identify, and understand relevence of issues.
  • Planning: Students will focus on intended outcomes, solve problems with creativity or innovation, including discovering different means of collaboration, analyzing problems, and utilizing tools and resources.
  • Information Literacy: Students will gather, analyze, evaluate and organize relevant information to suit a specific purpose using a range of information technology tools.
  • Collaborating: Students will show committment and demonstrate effective collaborative skills (contributing, supporting, building upon others) using a range of collaborative tools effectively.
  • Reasoning: Students will use evidence and logical reasoning, consider more than one perspective, systems, and broader implications and offer solutions which are plausible, 'complete,' and solve the problem.
  • Presentation: Students will be adept in employing a broad range of presentation tools, the use of appropriate vocabulary, and conventions of language for specific audience and topic to produce a clear, thorough impact.
  • Reflection: Students will use criteria and feedback to self-assess and set goals.
See the Education-Technology Rubric, as well: Ed-Tech Rubric