Socials 9H

Socials 10H

1. The Modern Age Humanism and the birth of logic, reason, new technologies and the end of the Dark Ages.

2. English Civil War England’s tyrannical government is overthrown, leading to the birth of democracy in Europe.

3. French Revolution Philosophers and journalists give voice to revolutionary ideals that take over Paris and ignite revolutions on either side of the Atlantic.

4. The Napoleonic Era – Study of the French General picks up at the end of the French Revolution, and studies the triumph and folly of the notable hero-turned-dictator.

5. Industrial Revolution The boom in production of textiles and concentration of labour continues to this day around the world.

6. Regional Geography of North America – We will look at the various regions of North America, introducing the basics of the study of geography, linking each region with the aboriginal groups native to each.

7. First Peoples of North America – We will look at the contrast of lifestyles and ecosystems lived prior and following European contact up to current times.

8. Arrival in Canada – Early forms of European settlement will be studied, as well as conflict and early colonial government.

9. Canada Moves West Students are introduced to the Hudson’s Bay Company & Northwest Company as rivals shaping the North American economy.

10. The American Revolution & British North America - As the culmination of Socials 9, we will look at the American War of Independence and the War of 1812 as formative events in the Canadian struggle for sovereignty and democracy.
1. Colonies in the Wilderness (1814 – 1840) – An introduction to the land and political structures of Upper & Lower Canada and the reforms undertaken by each.

2. The Road to Confederation (1840 – 1867) – The reign of Queen Victoria and attitudes, styles and pastimes of the Era as they contributed to the early nation of Canada.

3. Geography of Western Canada- The importance of place, and the physical regions of Canada, as well as climates, natural regions & cultural landscape.

4. The Northwest Until 1870 – Native Peoples of the Northwest and merger of the NWC & HBC, as well as Red River Settlement begin to spark drama in the young country.

5. The Prairies (1870 – 1896) – The fleeing of the Métis and other First Peoples of the Northwest combat Canada’s National Dream, resulting in the Northwest Rebellion.

6. British Columbia to 1896 – The Oregon Territory & the Colony of Vancouver Island, Caribou Gold Rush & the greater colony of British Columbia are covered against the threat of American, Russian or other invasion.

7. The Modern Era (1896 – 1914) – The election of Prime Minister Laurier begins the Modern Era, including a boom in railway construction, unionisation, & immigration.

8. The Economy of British Columbia – Economic essentials are covered, including economic sectors and regions of Canada.