Showcases of Learning (2012 - 2013)

Blog Posts (2012-2013)

Responses and reflections influenced by the blogging of the 2010-2011 class.

Class Notes (2010 - 2011)

A collection of information to help introduce the main events, people and ideas central to the colonial and revolutionary period.

Quotes, Links and Learning Resources from Blogs (2010-2011)

A range of Talons blog posts from the unit.

WikiLeaks Discussion Assignment (2010-2011)

Current events aspect to the foundations of freedom established during
the American Revolution. The Talons class engaged in an online
discussion of many of the major ethical issues and surprising elements
to the ongoing Wikileaks story.

Showcases of Learning (2010-2011)

Results of the Talons open-computer "test" on the American Revolution.