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Introduction - Lexi, Carlin, Kelsey, Julianna

Appalachian Region-Michelle, Emily, Aman, Hayley, and Richard, Kim, Galen, Immy
First Nations: Jonathan, Bronwyn, Clayton, Emily S

The Coastal Plains - Daniel, Alvin, Jeff, Vincent - Daniel P's quad
The Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Lowlands: Christina, Olya, Louise, Cassidy - Sean, Leanne, Zoey, Daniel

The Interior Plains- Clayton, Jonathan, Emily S, Bronwyn

We call interior plains: Jess, Katie, Jen A, Chelsea

The Canadian Shield- Toren, Iris, Tyler, Sam
First Nations: Lexi, Julianna, Carlin, Kelsey

The Western Cordillera- sara, macguire, marie, stephanie, Jen S, Katie, Jess, Chelsea

The Inter-Mountain Region: Megan, Max, Albert and Victoria - Emlyn, Alisha, Isaac, Sepehr

The Arctic- Anthony, Justann, Julien, Conrad, Derek's quad

The Coastal Plains - Jeff, Daniel, Vincent, Alvin