Big Questions - As a class, read over the following sections of chapter four, and designate a Guiding Questions for Research on each of the pages linked below (See the EdTech Rubric for guidelines in assessing unit's Guiding Questions).

Research - In attempting to interpret the events of the distant (or even not so distant) past, it is best to rely on primary source information, either through interviews with experts involved in the field - through study or work - or documents of first hand experience available in letters, public records, or other resources.

Between the research \ study groups you have set out for this chapter, identify headings, topics and areas your group could contribute to the Canadian History text on Wikibooks. The class will be publishing these findings on Friday, and assessment will be in the form of student reflections that will take into account the entire unit (Op-Ed piece, Wikibooks research, and political cartoon).

In preparing your Op-Ed piece, I have been saving bookmarks of examples and instructional resources on Delicious under the tags TalonsEnglish, TalonsSocials and Op-Ed. See the links for examples on where to begin, and prepare an introduction to your proposed Op-Ed topic \ argument on your blog by this weekend (this post should include a link to information related to your topic, and a question you wish to address through the writing process).

And though they are a part of the next chapter, please look ahead at chapter five's sections on the following for Guiding Questions as well: