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Quad projects for the Red River Rebellion

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Notable Events, People and Conditions Leading to the Red River Rebellion and the Creation of Manitoba

Excerpts of Chester Brown's graphic novel, "Biography of Louis Riel":

Important people in the Red River Rebellion and Creation of Manitoba
Louis Riel
  • Leader of the Metis people-fought to preserve their rights and culture
  • Led two resistance movements (Red River Rebellion, Northwest Rebellion) against Canadian government (and Sir John A. Macdonald)
  • Established a provisional government which negotiated the terms under which the (modern) province of Manitoba entered the Canadian Confederation.
  • exiled to USA for execution of Thomas Scott
  • Was elected to House of Commons three times while he was a fugitive but never assumed the seat
  • Returned to Saskatchewan, led the Northwest Rebellion, and was arrested and executed on a charge of high treason
Thomas Scott
  • Plotted against (and insulted) the leaders of the Red River Rebellion, mainly Louis Riel, while in prison
  • Was executed by a firing squad on March 4, 1870
  • The execution on Louis Riel's orders (though he was apparently reluctant to do it)
  • his execution led to the downfall of Riel's government
  • Scott got what he wanted (Riel failed) but probably not the way he would have liked to succeed
Ambroise-Dydime Lépine
  • military leader of the Metis
  • Served under Louis Riel during Red River Rebellion
  • was executed for his role in the rebellion and in the execution of Thomas Scott

Places Leading to the Red River Rebellion and the Creation of Manitoba

  • Louis Riel was born in Red River
  • There was a huge dispute regarding the ownership of Rupert’s Land
  • Fort Garry was a Hudson's Bay Company trading post at the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine rivers in what is now downtown Winnipeg.

Describe the four major stages of revolution in terms of developments and historical context within the Red River Settlement in the late 1800s, seeking diverse connections to readings in the class' Delicious bookmarks, and Talons blogging.

Phase I
Exactly how far will people go to find means for a rebellion? What was the main excuse in the Red River Rebellion? What other factors play are taken into account for the start of a rebellion?
Places: A place that seems to come up a lot is Red River. Red River was the little place where Louis Riel grew up, and was a part of Rupert's Land.
Phase II
Blog prompts: Who is Thomas Scott? What is his story? What part did he play in the Red River Rebellion? How did the government of Canada feel about Louise Riel with regard to Thomas Scott? Do you think Riel was justified in executing Scott?
Places: Rupert's Land was a big piece of land owned by the Hudson's Bay Company, but not for long, as their lease had expired. So, Canada was eventually going to own the land. But not owning it yet didn't stop Canada from marking the lots already.
People: :Thomas Scott- Irish-born Canadian executed by firing squad on March 4, 1870, for plotting against the Provisional Government of the Red River Settlement. Louis Riel seemed to be gaining the upper hand but then Scott’s death death led to the Wolseley Expedition to quell the Red River Rebellion.

Phase III

Phase IV

Blogging Prompts
What would've happened if the U.S. did decide to provide Egyptians with internet when Egypt's internet was withdrawn from them? If that could've been treated as a war prompt, how do you think Egypt would've reacted, considering all that was going on?