Main Points
  • Canada is a large and vast country with varied geography
    • effected trade and settlement in the 19th century when the area was still developing

"While other coutries have too much history, Canada has too much geography."
-William Lyon Mackenzie King (1874- 1950)

  • Canada is a northern country, lying mostly between 50 and 70 degrees in latitude.
  • Canada is a very large and vast country, the second largest in the world. Its total land mass equals almost 10, 000, 000 square kilometers
  • Landscape includes canyons, valleys, mountains, prairies, flats, swamps, farms, the Canadian Shield, oceans, shorelines, and lakes.
  • The landscape was made famous by the group of seven
    • Canadian group of painters renowned for their dramatic landscape.
  • It would take you nine days to travel across Canada
    • start in Fraser Valley, go through Fraser canyon
    • fv.jpg
    • over Rockies
    • rockies.jpg
    • across prairies
    • praries.jpg
    • cross lakes of Ontario
    • lake_ontario.jpg
    • through St. Lawrence and Montreal
    • montreal.jpg
    • and then in the Maritimes
    • atlantic.jpg

Check your understanding:

List 7 important geographical features of Canada.
What group of painters made the Canadian Landscape famous?

How would the varied landscape effect settlers and traders in the 19th century? Give a few examples.

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